Value Connection Services Ltd has a wide experience on power systems ranging from Solar power generators, solar batteries, Power Inverters, Power Converters, Communications Power Systems, UnInterruptible PowerSupplies (UPS). We provide solutions that integrate information technology and power management. Lately, we brag of our client oriented online power backup systems which provide stand-by power for hours or even days without mains power. Duration of support can only be determined by the customer. This system will keep you up and running even in the event of major power outages. The Complete Power Solutions includes: Back-UPS, Batteries, DC Power Solutions, Single and 3-phase UPS Systems, Master Switch, Net Shelter Enclosures, Power Management Peripherals, Power Chute®, Power Manager, Power Stack, Protect net for Networks, Silicon Series, Smart UPS, Symmetra Power Array, Tower Series, Rack-mount Series, XL and RXML, XL, RXML and UX Battery Packs, Redundant Switch, Wiring Devices and Hardware Accessories and Surge Arrest.


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