At VCS we offer a range of  services in mobile application such as:-

Political Parties App

Below are the list of features you can use to your advantage and expand your campaign into the mobile arena:

  1. Accept donations: Fundraising is the core of all campaigning. It is no secret that money drives a campaign, and the strategy put in place is limited by the funding provided. Use your app to give your followers the ability to make a donations from the palm of their hands. They will be carrying around the ability to donate to your campaign right in their pocket.
  2. Upcoming events calendar: From rallies to voting dates, keep your users updated with important upcoming events they can check with ease from within your app.
  3. Phone bank volunteers: Use the power of mobile devices to create phone bank volunteers from anywhere in the country. Provide your trusted users with a passcode and they will get access to a phone call script and call information from a call list provided by your team. They can make the call, read your script and provide call feedback that is sent to your app dashboard, all within your app.
  4. Spread your campaign agenda: Keep users up to date with your campaign agenda by providing them with up to date information right in the app.
  5. Show recent issues your team has resolved: Let your users know you are listening to them by showing your resolutions to their problems. Address common problems by projecting your plan and actions to their every day worries. Reach out and inform your users that their voice is your priority.
  6. Collect volunteers registration: Your campaign is only as strong as your volunteers. Allowing volunteers to register through your app makes it easier for them to lend their time to help you grow your campaign.
  7. Show your personal and political biographies: Help your users keep up to date with your party with our biography section. You can include personal and political biographies so users can read about your hopes and accomplishments.

Real Estate App

The following are the great features of real estate app

  • 3D Property View: Offering 3D view of the entire property is a great feature as not just it instantly appeals to the buyers but also allows them to have entire knowledge of the property they are interested in.
  • Favorites: This feature allows users to add their most-preferred properties to the favorite list.
  • Calendar: Keep things in check like which property was viewed on which date.
  • Map: Get a good idea of the location and the routes with the inbuilt map facility offered within the app.
  • Get Brokers Details for contacting: It is easy and convenient to contact the broker of your desired property with all the contact details provided along with.
  • Contact seller through Email or sent inquiry message: Buyers looking for property can also contact the seller via email or can send an inquiry message. The responses are often prompt.
  • Sorting: App users can sort the properties as per “High to Low” or “Low to High”, as well as can filter their search as per the area, prices and other factors.
  • Discussion Forums: Heading here, the users get all the information they require by getting the chance to discuss with the liable associates.


Law Firm Apps

We decided that pleading the fifth on these awesome law firm mobile apps was not the right thing to do. In fact, there’s no logical reason not to share what the best law firms are doing to make a mobile app.

Being a lawyer is an interesting business because you don’t have the inventory that most companies can sell on mobile apps, but this doesn’t mean that there isn’t a great opportunity to reach out to those more technologically savvy people and send them testimonials, law firm information and guides for dealing with the law.

In fact, the primary reason all lawyers need to make a mobile app is because it gives current and past clients a chance to save your information and either bring it up in case they need it again or send it to a friend who is in need of a personal injury or criminal lawyer. Quick communications like this are what bring new clients into your law firm.


Hospital apps

Embracing mobile app tailored to the hospital needs is a great endeavor that leading hospitals are taking to efficiently manage the workflow, optimize the processes, manage staff smoothly and provide best treatment to the patients. Handy devices provides the best assistance to hospital staff, patients and management. And, what it all requires is the perfect execution of mobile app which works well for the entire hospital.

Take care of patient’s health with mobile app development!


NGOs app

Everyday millions of apps are downloaded which represents an excellent opportunity for your message to be discovered.

In your app you can provide information about your organization, including all the events and activities to engage with the people that support you. Send push notifications to increase awareness and let people know the activities you organize.

These are the following feature of NGO app:

  • Include the history, mision and vision of your organization
  • Add rich information about the projects you are working on: description, images, videos
  • Geolocate your meeting points and events. Thanks to the GPS indications, no one will get lost
  • Add information of the events your organization and members can get involved
  • Send push notifications, “Whatsapp” like messages with information about the activities and events they can participate.
  • Get feedback. create surveys to get valuable information from your members
  • Include your social networks twitter, facebook, youtube…
  • Let your contact you through phone, email or a form. Just one touch on the screen, and they’ll contact you!
  • and many more things…

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